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Achieving optimum pet health

As pet owners, we pour a little bit of ourselves into our pets. We love the heck out of them, and for this reason we only want the best for them. But while many people think they know whats best for their pet, their health begs to differ. Without a doubt, the most important thing you can do for your pet’s health is to optimize their nutrition.

Pet health the paleo way

In the past 10 years, the paleo diet has taken the world by storm. The human world, at least. People are increasingly coming to recognize that we’re at our healthiest when we eat a diet thats as close to our biology as possible. “Paleo” means mimicking, as close as possible, the way our Paleolithic ancestors ate. The paleo diet holds that our bodies haven’t evolved at the same pace that our diets have been changing, especially since the agricultural revolution some 30,000 years ago. Most of what we put in our stomachs today is completely alien to our digestive system, meaning we don’t get the nutrition we need from the food we eat.

Out pets are exactly the same. Your cat or dog wasn’t designed to eat ultra-processed foods, laced with wheat, rice, starch, artificial flavors, colors, additives and chemicals. They were designed to eat whole food, food which isn’t processed and which is primarily meat-based.

Seek out the cleanest pet foods possible

Your best route to achieving optimum pet health is to find the cleanest, most minimally-processed foods you can find. These will have meat as their largest component, along with certain other vegetables that aren’t wheat or gluten-based grains. Most pets are just as gluten-intolerant as we humans are, so avoid grains in your pet food like the plague!

Supplement your pet food with whole foods

One of the best way to supplement a high-quality pet food is to simply open your fridge and think like a cat or dog: what would they go for first? If you have ground beef, steak, chicken, boneless fish, or any other kind of unprocessed meat, consider giving them some as an occasional twice-weekly treat. Remember to remove any sharp bones first though!

Another great thing to do is give your cat or dog a healthy serving of homemade bone broth or organ meat on a regular basis! These foods are amazingly nutrient-dense, are highly anti-inflammatory, and support excellent joint and bone health. You’ll also notice your pet’s coat getting much more shiny, the more of these nutrient-dense foods they eat. A sure sign of their improving health!

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