About us


Everyone wants the best for their pet. Yet most of the pets I see every day are suffering from some health problem or another. Flaky skin, lackluster coat, watery eyes, limps, weight issues…you name it, I see it every time I stroll through the park or along the river. Its easy to see that our pets could be so much more, if we just knew how to let them reach their full health potential.

Healthy Paleo Pets is about helping you and your pet achieve that health, one small step at a time. We believe that nutrition is the ultimate source of health, and in order to resolve your pet’s health problems, you need to first sort our their diet. Clean eating, nutritious foods, and recipes and products designed with your pet’s biology in mind. Let us nurture and nourish your dog, cat, or any other treasured pet!

Our site operates on an affiliate framework – we don’t directly stock the products ourselves, but scour the net to find healthy, top rated products and then link back to those on our pages. This means that we don’t make the final sale, but we do earn a small commission each time you buy something through our site. We think it’s a fair trade, considering the amount of work we’ve put in bringing you the healthiest products for your cat or dog!